What do MUNs stand for these days?

 What do MUNs stand for these days? “Values of diplomacy” one says. “International regulations” another bellows. These conferences were initiated to understand today’s world – how it runs, what choices are made, what alliances mean and what keeps us from burning each other alive. With every passing conference, we get five new numbers and a whole lot of alcohol in our systems. After these social events, the committees cease to have the required number of countries to conduct a session. The chair lowers quorum, and normalcy is seemingly restored. “We need to develop a peaceful solution to the problem at hand”, exclaims the delegate of the United states of america, eyes scouring the room for India and Pakistan in the Kashmir issue debate. When you see this opportunity to understand what happens around you, of the people who are shot every day, and some self-righteous wise guy tells you to give a shit, the incredibly attractive delegate of Canada will capture your imagination. While that is a way to keep some delegates in the room, the victory seems significantly tainted somehow. This writer has MUNs to thank for becoming an outgoing person, despite having failed to claim an award until his eighth venture. Each one of us sees these events as something for ourselves-a party with the right amount of booze and the right crowd, a debate to claim one more award than that annoyingly well researched delegate or a way to over come our personal insecurities, but what we simulate represents a real organisation that deals with real issues. We can’t help with a lot of those, but there are things dealt with in the UNEP, the SPC and ECOSOC that we can help with. This writer does not wish for everyone to see MUNs the same way, but to respect what the logo stands for.


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